Welcome to Simply Revitalize Therapy!

SRT is a therapeutic massage service providing a pathway to wellness and wellbeing. We strive to help you achieve the highest standards in both the workplace and in your personal life, while maintaining flexibility in order to work around your busy schedule.

What separates SRT from others is our mobility and long-term wellness approach. Regular massages given by licensed massage therapists can have lasting effects that may grow with every session. Our priority is the continual wellbeing of all of our clients, making sure that our services provide longstanding benefits.

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Simply Revitalize Therapy provides In-Office chair massages that will elevate your company by eliminating stress and boosting productivity.

We offer several different options for corporations, including a 1 month, 3 month, and 6+ month wellness plan, as well as the opportunity for your employees to take advantage of our
discounted In-House full body massage services.

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At SRT we offer the convenience of an In-Home full body massage service that is modeled specifically to fit your body and lifestyle. Here, our focus is to provide a lasting service that will not only raise your long-term health and wellness but will also decrease daily stress within the comfort of your own home.