COVID-19 Safety Protocols


As a wellness service, our top priority is the health of our clients and staff. We hope you understand our temporary policies and work alongside our team in order to maintain a clean and safe environment. Below provides a brief overview of our current COVID-19 protocols and procedures. 


General Guidelines & Policies

Health Discloser Agreement
  • SRT will require each client and therapist to fill out a release form regarding his or her current health.
  • Clients and therapists will be expected to disclose all health factors with full honesty in order to ensure the wellbeing of clients and staff.
  • Clients who have COVID-19 have been in contact with someone with COVID-19, could potentially be a carrier of COVID-19, and/or are showing symptoms of COVID-19 will not be scheduled.
  • High risk or immune-deficient individuals will be discouraged from receiving a service.
Sanitary Protocol
  • All surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned twice both before and after each session. 
  • Both degreasing anti-bacterial surface cleaner and medical-grade disinfectant wipes will be utilized to clean all surfaces.
  • All therapists are required to thoroughly clean hands, forearms, and arms both before and after each session. 

Wearing masks in public may help prevent an infected individual from spreading COVID-19 but may not protect an individual from getting infected. It is a client’s right to request mask use during the session.

  • Neither clients nor therapist will be required to wear a mask during the session.
  • A client may request a therapist to wear a mask.
  • Gloves will not be required for any participants.
Scheduling & Social Distancing
  • Therapists have ample time between sessions to properly sanitize and refresh prior to each session.
  • Scheduling clients within the Massage Rooms will be staggered in order to reduce contact between clients.