In-Home Massage 

Massage Therapy

Advanced Therapeutic

This technique focuses on releasing muscle tension by applying pressure to the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia. This massage is normally utilized best when relieving specific problem areas.

$110 | 60m   –   $150 | 90m   –   $200 | 120m


Swedish Massage is a relaxing technique that uses long gliding strokes to increase blood flow and reduce stress. This massage can be a full-body treatment or customized to treat a specific area such as neck, back, shoulder, etc. If you are in need of relaxation, this is the massage for you.

$110 | 60m   –   $150 | 90m   –   $200 | 120m


This treatment is body-specific and is engineered to prevent injury as well as relieve discomfort in areas that are being heavily used and stressed. Sport Massage uses deep tissue techniques while incorporating stretching and joint rotation.

$110 | 60m   –   $150 | 90m   –   $200 | 120m


Prenatal Massage specifically focuses on areas that are dramatically impacted during pregnancy. This therapy relieves fatigue and tightness while improving overall circulation, health, and comfort of mothers-to-be.

$110 | 60m   –   $150 | 90m   –   $200 | 120m


Derived from the traditional spiritual ritual in the South Pacific, the Lomi Lomi is a unique treatment that requires special draping and body manipulation. Because this massage relies on long full body strokes and under the body techniques, the Lomi Lomi Massage doesn’t use a top and bottom sheet. Towels are used to ensure privacy. Therapists use primarily the forearms, elbows, and hands to create smooth and rhythmic glides from one area of the body to the next, not breaking between muscle groups. These fluid motions correlated to a relaxed state of mind, all while increasing blood flow and releasing tension.

$110 | 60m   –   $150 | 90m   –   $200 | 120m


Thai Massage is an entirely unique treatment that uses no oils or lotions. Clients remain fully clothed while lying on a matt during the session. Opposed to gliding movements, your therapist will rely on compressions, pulling, and stretching in order to manipulate your muscles. This is an excellent treatment for individuals who are interested in increasing mobility and flexibility.

$110 | 60m   –   $150 | 90m   –   $200 | 120m

Therapeutic Cupping

This natural practice traces back to Ancient Chinese and Egyptian medicine, proving to be one of the most beneficial practices used today. Therapeutic Cupping uses negative pressure to flood the area with fresh blood while encouraging oxygen-poor blood and toxic lymph to naturally metabolize. This process increases blood and lymphatic circulation boosts skin health, relieves digestive trouble, reduces pain, promotes relaxation, and more. Cupping appeals to a wide variety of individuals due to its many benefits and is most popular amongst athletes.

$110 | 60m   –   $150 | 90m   –   $200 | 120m


You and your significant other can experience the wonders of massage side by side. Whether you want to receive the same treatment or customize it to your own needs, couples massage is the perfect way to celebrate any special occasion.

$220 | 60m   –   $300 | 90m   –   $400 | 120m